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Pumps - Submersible

EasyPro submersible pond pumps are an ideal choice for pond owners looking for an industry-leading and high-performance solution for ponds, waterfalls, streams and fountains.

EasyPro Mag Drive Pumps offers a model for just about any need. For low head applications Mag Drive pumps are unbeatable and with few moving parts, their reliability is unsurpassed.

EasyPro TH Series Pumps is one of the industry’s best-selling pumps with a compact design ideal for use in skimmers and a Vortex design that prevents clogging.

Our submersible EasyPro pumps provide energy efficiency, low maintenance needs, and high performance for years of service to keep aquatic life stays healthy and thriving.

We are committed to help you find the perfect pump – let our pond experts know if you have product questions about flow rates, inlet/outlet options, or motors so we can help you choose the perfect pump for your pond.