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Water Treatments


  • All Season Bacteria - Works in a wide range of temperatures to remove ammonia, nitrates, phosphates and sludge. Effective results without the smell.
  • Seasonal Boost Bacteria - This proven blend of beneficial bacteria and cold water strains are dosed specifically for cold water applications in the Spring and Fall.
  • Sludge Remover Bacteria - Removes sludge and odors with convenient pre-measured water soluble packets. Strongly recommended for ponds with gravel bottoms.

Barley Straw - All natural liquid formula releases humic acids. Works fast and is easy to use. Ideal for use with EasyPro All Season Bacteria and Phosphate Binder.

Phosphate Binder - A natural plant based formulation that will provide a non-chemical alternative to using aluminum sulfate in koi ponds and water gardens. Use 1 scoop per 500 gallons.

Pond Salt - Salt helps to reduce stress and improve disease recovery in fish.

Water Clarifier - Clarifiers are used to clear up "cloudy" water that is caused by dirt, silt and floating particles.

Rock & Waterfall Cleaner - Quickly and effectively cleans rocks, waterfalls, pondless features, fountains, statuary, plant pots, etc. Powerful oxygen based cleaning great for aquatic life.

Water Conditioner - Tap water can harm aquatic life. Use EasyPro Water Conditioner to safely neutralize chlorine and  destroy chloramines.