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Surface Aeration

Surface Aeration

Posted by Dan F. on Apr 30th 2018

Pond Warehouse offers a wide variety of fountains and surface aerators.

A variety of patterns, sizes (ranging from 1/4 to 25 hp) and light packages for night time displays, assures we have a fountain for most every application. Shop and compare – we offer the best selection and lowest prices in the industry. 

Surface fountains are a popular choice when decorative looks are desired. Golf courses, parks, office buildings and housing developments are all common places you see fountains used.

Many different spray patterns are available creating aesthetically pleasing looks while creating circulation and aeration. Since fountains float on the surface, circulation does not reach all the way to the bottom in deep applications which reduces their effectiveness. Fountains create good water movement at the pond’s surface and are helpful in keeping pollen, duckweed, watermeal and other surface debris under control.

Surface aeration is available in several styles ranging from high volume to highly decorative. Since water is heavy, the more decorative the spray pattern is the less volume of water is pumped. Following is a brief look at each style of surface aeration:

High Volume: 

These units focus on moving the maximum amount of water and not on decorative looks. Fish farms, waste water treatment ponds, retention ponds and other applications requiring maximum water movement with high oxygen transfer will benefit the most from this design. While not the prettiest to look at, these units are by far the best bang for the dollar when water quality management is needed.

Medium Volume:

A modified version of the high volume units above, these type of fountains use a nozzle to guide the water into a “V” shaped display. Some volume is sacrificed to achieve the higher spray but overall still decent water movement is produced; a good compromise between the units above and the decorative ones below. These units are a good choice for ponds requiring water quality improvement but also a visually attractive display.


Ponds requiring maximum visual appeal typically choose these type of units. Instead of a high volume propeller, decorative fountains use a impeller to build pressure and then force the water out through various nozzles to create a tall, visually appealing fountain. These units pump minimal water and create minimal circulation so they should be viewed as mostly decorative. Office buildings, condo associations, parks, zoos and other locations wanting maximum visual impact are most common applications. We strongly recommend the use of a diffused aeration system in conjunction with a decorative fountain if water quality management is needed.